Haddock, fresh, whole h/g, size 0,8 - 1 kg

Fresh, whole haddock from the daily catch, headed and gutted. Ready for filleting or cutting. Size 0,8 - 1 kg.

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Haddock, Melanogrammus Aeglefinus can only be found in the North Atlantic and has been caught by Icelandic fishermen for centuries. 

It is of the family Gadidae, closely related to the cod. It can be caught the whole year around  at the coast line of Iceland. 

The fishing stocks are sustainable and the fish is caught on long line.   From the daily catch, the fish is hand filleted and trimmed and we select the best quality for each shipment. 

The haddock fillets are packed in styrofoam boxes with gel cooling system that ensures the correct temperature during shipment, all the way to your door.  

Haddock fillets have been very popular in the UK for the traditional fish and chips meal but it is also great for other kind of cooking and it offers numerous health benefits. 

It is almost 100% total protein content with just a minuscule amount of fat. 

Great choice for a healthy meal.

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